In a valiant attempt to demystify the notorious University of Oxford interview, the top-ranking institution has released a set of sample questions on which prospective applicants – … Useful links Free 11 Plus practice papers. Our pupils receive outstanding teaching from specialist subject tutors throughout their education but are also encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and to develop independent and enquiring minds. Cambridge ENGAA past papers and solutions. Oxbridge Admissions Tests test aptitude rather than knowledge and help top universities distinguish excellent candidates from merely good ones. Natural Sciences (NST) is the framework within which most science subjects are taught at Cambridge. Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) Interview Questions. Past papers. These tests have websites with past papers for practice. Free French past papers. Free German past papers. All the Engineering Admissions Assessment materials. How to get into Oxbridge: 5 ways to prepare for an Oxford and Cambridge University admissions test. Oxbridge Modern Languages Admissions Tests. Free Spanish past papers. The University of Oxford is one of the leading universities in the world. We provide expert guidance and support for students at every stage of their application to Oxford and Cambridge, as well as those applying to top UK medical and law schools. Established in 1999, Oxbridge Applications is the global leader in Oxbridge admissions consulting. Both ENGAA Paper 1 and ENGAA Paper 2. The Modern Languages Admissions Test is a paper … University of Cambridge Admission Tests. All our tests are designed to stretch you further than you have been stretched before - most candidates will find them really hard. The course offers the biological and physical sciences listed in these pages, and the option to specialise or to study a range of subjects. Welcome to Oxbridge Applications. Free Common Entrance practice papers. Natural Sciences at Cambridge. At Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing, we believe all applicants should have a fair opportunity to prove they have what it takes, and all institutions should have the right tools and information to discover the people who will thrive.. We are part of the University of Cambridge, and our tests are a global mark of excellence that set the quality standard. Don't worry if you find the past or specimen papers very difficult - they're supposed to be! Past test papers allow you to, not only understand the … The following links provide past and specimen Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) Modern Languages (ML) admissions tests. Modern Languages (ML) entrance tests for Oxford University include the Modern Languages Admissions Test (MLAT), the Language Aptitude Test (LAT), and the Linguistics Test. Examination results are an important outcome of a full, rounded education and development both inside and outside the classroom.