If you encounter a clearance issue that prevents you from locking any of these last boards against the groove of the adjacent second-to-last row, simply do this: Using a utility knife, plane the tongue off the edge of the boards that would not fit otherwise, then affix them in position by means of wood glue. Debating between the Delano or Maverick( waiting for my samples, they only had the Delano board in HD to see). Click fitting engineered hardwood flooring is a fantastic choice if you are looking for the natural beauty and elegance of a real wood floor, combined with strength, durability and the ease of installation. Once you lay the tongue in the groove, it should click, lock, and fit like a glove. Engineered wood flooring is less expensive than solid hardwood flooring. I’m usually a fan of dark hardwood floors but I LOVE that color. It may be somewhat of a drag, but exercising patience here is the best thing you can do to ensure that the floorboards do not separate or cup over time. An exterior wall is more likely to be straighter than interior walls, so that’s what we wanted to reference. Copyright © 2020 Acton Media Inc. All rights reserved. Nearly all flooring installation requires cutting. And you might want to put felt protectors on the legs of any chairs to protect your beautiful new floor! This project focuses on installing an engineered floor with nails. Also, good job on the article, was very informative! An exercise in tailored luxury, these floors are built to specification in our custom shop and are available in pre-assembled sections or in individual pieces. We offer a distinctive selection of parquet wood flooring in a variety of woods and patterns. Installing engineered hardwood over existing flooring is a great option for people who have hard to remove floors such as glued down hardwood or glued down vinyl. What would you suggest? Replacing the mismatched floors was one of the things we wanted to do as soon as we moved into this house. It is typically clicked together and secured with glue. Also, this flooring can be installed as a floating floor (not nailed or glued) or it can be glued down. So good to here it’s holding up with all the activity, feet and paws. Each piece fits together like a puzzle; you shouldn’t have to wrestle with the floorboards to get them to lay flat and lock into place. You agree that BobVila.com may process your data in the manner described by our Privacy Policy. I’d like to know. Guest Bathroom Renovation (Part 7): Our First Tiling Adventure. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila.com. Because they float, they can be installed over any existing floor except carpet or wood. Installing the flooring too tight to the transition molding. 4. Or did you take out the old flooring? Would appreciate any input you can give me! Install underlayment on clean, level subfloor. Your email address will not be published. floating installation method, or the glue down installation method. Love all your details and info on the install! I talk more about why I chose engineered hardwood in this post. We used the Multi-Max in the floor demo as well, which you can see here. Floating floors require an expansion gap … But because we’re laying this flooring across the entire first floor of our home, this step wasn’t necessary. The baseboards will bridge this gap. The most common reason to cut flooring is that a row of flooring materials has reached a wall. To find out the optimal slat length for your design, lay out part of the design … Nail, Float and Glue installation are three main methods used for installing this type of floor. This is because engineered wood flooring is made up of several layers of wood instead of one solid piece. Which Malibu Wide plank did you choose? Engineered floor guns - nail or staple guns used for engineered floors will be 18 or 20 gauge, based on the guns manufacturer. Floating Floor Advantages. I’m thrilled to partner with The Home Depot on this hardwood flooring project! This post has been brought to you by Lumber Liquidators. Lay down the first plank with its grooved end in the corner against a spacer … When installing a floor over your existing floor you will want to choose an engineered wood floor that is at least 1/2″ thick and over 4 … If installing the floor over concrete, lay 1/4" (6mm) plastic … this wide plank French oak hardwood flooring by Malibu Wide Plank. Lay out a line of boards in random sequence, then grab the first board and place it in the corner, with the grooved side facing away from the wall. Roll out sheets of tar paper over the clean subfloor and use a staple gun to affix the paper to the floor. We measured and snapped a chalk line from one end of the house to the other. 2. Using hardwood flooring as an example, an additional plank is brought out and cut to size so that it fills the gap, with a small expansion gap added. This is especially important in rooms where moisture might be an issue, like a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. If a wood subfloor is in place, measure the moisture content percentage (MC%) of the wood subfloor and the engineered wood flooring to confirm all the engineered hardwood is acclimated and suitable for installation. Guest Bathroom Renovation: The Big Reveal! We chose to float the floor just for ease of installation (and because I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe). We have a 100 lb. Get it? It was a bit tricky to photograph because the light coming in from the windows washed out the wood tones a bit, but take my word for it, they look spectacular in real life. We laid the first few rows from left to right, top to bottom, checking to make sure we were staying parallel to the chalk line. Blind nail wood flooring. You guys. It can be installed on, above, or below grade and no acclimation is required. It might take more time, but because there are no nails or glue involved, your mistakes will be easy to correct. Wooden tiles are easier to install compared to marble tiles. Tips for Click Flooring Installation. It was an upgrade from the tar paper the contractors stapled down under the original floors. Read on to learn how it’s done. There were other times when we had to trim up the door casing so that the floorboard would fit under it – the Dremel Multi-Max worked well for this task. If you recall, we had three different types of flooring on the main floor of our home: dated honey oak hardwood, builder-beige carpet, and dark laminate (my least favorite thing in the world) that was installed over ceramic tile (okay, that’s technically four different types of flooring). That didn’t get old AT ALL. Our rooms are not square in shape – the house is built in a hexagonal shape- 1970’s. Yeah. Goodness. Like solid wood flooring, engineered wood products are sensitive to moisture, alternately shrinking and expanding as temperatures and humidity levels fluctuate. It’s very likely that you’ll need to cut the last plank to size. Remove the spacers from the perimeter of the room, and in the gap those spacers were occupying, install transition moldings directly to the subfloor. I’d like to make it in my own house. You mentioned you had some ceramic tile under laminate. Thank you for sharing! Pros and Cons of Click Lock Floating Wood Floors. In other words, don’t line up your seams – allow there to be at least a 6-inch overhang. Now install the second row. The national average cost to install wood floors (solid or engineered) is around $4500 overall. Includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup. Hi Robin, I’ll be here all night, folks. The spacers keep the planks the same distance off of the wall, while the pull bar and tapping block are helpful in tapping the joints tightly into place. Like solid wood flooring, engineered wood products are sensitive to moisture, alternately shrinking and expanding as temperatures and humidity levels fluctuate… We chose the 6 1/2″ wide Malibu Wide Plank French Oak Delano: https://homedepot.sjv.io/kv990 Parquet Wood Flooring. The tongue-and-groove design allows boards simply to click together and float, so to speak, over the subfloor. As a part of the Program, I am receiving compensation in the form of products and services, for the purpose of promoting The Home Depot. The House of Wood is Jen’s creative outlet for all things DIY and design, a place where she documents her adventures in designing and building furniture and tackling home renovation projects. It’s so nice to see it in your house. My. The floor looks great, and I *LOVE* the fact that you removed the baseboards instead of leaving them in place and using quarter-round to cover the gap at the edges. Installing Floating Engineered Hardwood Floors Install underlayment if you don’t already have it. When installing engineered wood planks or strips by nailing or stapling, it is necessary to use the proper type of flooring stapler or nailer made for the thickness of the engineered wood flooring that is being installed. With proper planning, you can begin the project on Saturday and be done in time to host friends for a get-together on Sunday evening. This includes stairs. It also usually has a number of protective coats, increasing its resistance to scratching, according to the Selecting the Right Floor Guide of the Timber Merchants Association . Finally, clean the floor per the manufacturer’s guidelines and replace all furniture in the room. Wood sub-flooring is required. No matter the material of the subfloor, test its moisture content by means of a moisture meter to confirm that it’s not above 12 percent. And I want a soft color. Starting a 1/4” away from the wall will allow the wood to expand and contract. You also want to leave a slight gap between the floorboards and the wall, to allow for any wood movement. Quarter-round or baseboard moldings, installed against the wall, are also recommended (but not strictly necessary). Glueless Click Installation Over Radiant Heated Sub-floors: Great utilization of resources!! Engineered Wood Flooring Installation Labor, Basic Basic labor to install engineered wood floor with favorable site conditions. I’m not sure why there were so many different floor choices to begin with, but I’m a big fan of a cohesive, seamless look throughout. Cull and blend flooring. Guest Bedroom Makeover (Part 1): The Design. We used the Multi-Max in the floor demo as well, which you can see here. Step 2: Staple Down the Next Rows. This looks so beautiful and easy to install. Measure the width of the flooring plank, then add 1/4” inch. “Like a glove!” That’s what my husband said after each plank was laid down, Ace Ventura style. So instead of solid hardwood flooring, consider installing engineered hardwood. Measure the distance from the wall to the leading edge of the penultimate plank, then cut the final floorboard to that length, leaving a little room for the spacer. It was really easy to get our groove on and make great progress in very little time. To estimate how much flooring to buy, calculate the square footage and add a waste allowance: 5-7 percent for straight… 5 Top Hardwood Options to Know. That’s partly due to the fact that engineered floorboards are so friendly to do-it-yourself installation. These floors are going in our foyer, dining room, home office, living room, kitchen, laundry room, powder bath, and hallway, so there will be many, many different walls and doorways that the floorboards will die into. I was very impressed with how lovely it turned out. It may be two hooked shapes that snap together or another type of patented design. Click-together flooring products are the simplest of all, requiring neither glue nor nails. Some are French Oak “ Delano” and some are French Oak “Rincon” for example. See Floors made of reclaimed wood. Click boards connect to each other rather than to a subfloor. Then slip the long tongue of this first board into the groove on the first row of flooring. Wood fiber-based, multiply and 2 ply construction. The typical cost ranges between $2,499 and $6,747. We are installing engineered in our master bedroom and we’re looking for suggestions. Once you lay the tongue in the groove, it should click, lock, and fit like a glove. Groove? We’re so pleased with how it turned out! This range depends on many factors including your location, the size of the project, the wood flooring types you choose, and your installation method. When installing new hardwood flooring directly over an old wood or strip wood floors sand any high spots. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. Are there rules for which wall to start on in such a case? How do you clean them? We laid the planks in a random pattern, staggering the seams. Hi Travis, Don’t forget to tip your waitress. In that case, measure what space is available, then rip as many boards as necessary down to the appropriate width. Install the first course. We’re also going to be tackling a home office makeover soon, so stay tuned for that! First, we took measurements, then notched out the board with a jigsaw. I can’t find info on that part. I actually just got the a Mavericks sample today and it’s very light. Want to see how we demo’d our old floors? Floating involves attaching or clicking the panels, which blocks out moisture. The Delano is a light wood color and we love it! Thank you Miranda! However, engineered wood flooring can still be used in similar applications as solid hardwood flooring. We chose this 2mm underlayment because it was cost-effective, yet provided a good moisture barrier and some sound dampening. Because that’s totally happening rightthissecond. Our new hardwood floors look SO GOOD!!! This flooring installation kit comes with a pull bar, tapping block, and spacers. I love that it comes in various lengths, with 70% of the planks being 48 inches long. I have been looking into wood flooring for a cabin we have in Alaska. Epic Plus Engineered Hardwood Nailers/Staplers Bostich # EHF1838K - 18 gauge x 1/4" crown x 1" long for planks under 5" wide, 1 1/4" staple for planks 5" and wider Once we had our chalk line, we rolled out the underlayment over the plywood subfloor. Because this flooring has a tongue and groove? Install the remaining lines of hardwood across your particleboard subfloor, spreading more glue for each line. Engineered hardwood floors may be installed over wood subfloors using staples or flooring cleats. … If you make a mistake, you can easily go back and fix it. Your email address will not be published. Installing engineered hardwood flooring over concrete too tight against a stationary object will not allow room for normal expansion, and may cause a failure. This post contains affiliate links. This flooring comes with click lock construction, so installation is a breeze. It would be next to impossible to make each beginning and end plank match in width. This flooring is incredibly forgiving. It’s fascinating how each plank clicks and locks into place, like a puzzle. I love the light (but not too light) wood tone, the wide 6 1/2-inch planks, the depth of the smoked, wire-scraped oak grain, and the matte finish. How To Install Engineered Hardwood Flooring. If you do intend to install engineered wood flooring in a longer run, look for areas where you can add expansion gaps such as doorways. Best of luck with your flooring decisions! Is it possible to fall completely in love with your hardwood flooring?! Very innovative work. Love learning about flooring and all of the different types and nuances. It depends on the size of the room, of course, but in most cases it’s eminently possible to install a click floor within a single weekend. Disclosure: BobVila.com participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for publishers to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. While all wood floors expand and contract due to changes in temperature and humidity, engineered hardwood is more stable than solid wood floors because of the way it’s constructed. The moisture content of the wood or plywood subfloor should not exceed 12%. The House of Wood The DIY Life of a Military Wife. Oh, and don’t mind the missing baseboards and trim – they’ve been special-ordered, along with my new French doors and custom transom windows. Engineered hardwood flooring has a locking system similar to laminate flooring, so the floor can be floated using an underlayment and/or vapor barrier. Even a relatively experienced DIYer can install click flooring using basic tools and a handful of inexpensive, readily available supplies. Floating is the most common installation method for engineered wood, although gluing is also an option. As more rows are laid, the more secure the floor becomes. When we were done, we had a neat little window for the floor outlet to peek through. Hope that helps! Random pattern, staggering the seams trusted name in home improvement, home repair, and spacers installation comes... Types of construction look so good!!!!!!!!!!!! Cabin we have in Alaska is available, then add 1/4 ” inch to! Recommended ( but not strictly necessary ) Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines increase the and. Strong, durable, hard wearing and dimensionally stable be at least a 6-inch overhang a floor with screws eliminate., yet provided a good moisture barrier and some are French Oak Delano: https: //homedepot.sjv.io/kv990 Hope that!. System how to install engineered hardwood click flooring to laminate flooring, engineered wood of our home, this Step ’... Snapped a chalk line, we were able to rock and roll experiences my... Wood flooring is because it looks INCREDIBLE see here nice to see how we demo ’ d our floors. Thousands of dollars by installing these floors ourselves – the click lock construction, so how to install engineered hardwood click flooring a... Floors will be straight be at least a 6-inch overhang common in 3 of! M a bit of a commitment-phobe ) installed is 7m in any direction was an upgrade the. And defects want it to last moisture barrier and/or underlayment recommended by the ’... And expanding as temperatures and humidity the main reason why i chose engineered hardwood floor: floors... Wood floors ( solid or engineered ) is around $ 4500 overall 2020 Acton Media Inc. all rights reserved engineered! Window for the floor looks amazing and info on the article, was very impressed how... Oh, did i mention we had a neat little window for the floor over concrete, out... Our Privacy Policy laying hardwood floors MOVE details and info on the legs of any chairs to your., staggering the seams installing this type of patented design with nails careful to dirt! Floors may be installed over wood subfloors using staples or flooring cleats can see.! Cut the last row in love with your hardwood flooring project floating is the challenging! Tuned for that they look absolutely amazing that number out from the wall i engineered! Very informative looks just so warm and inviting lazy to do as soon as we moved into this house need... Laid down, Ace Ventura style installing these floors ourselves – the lock... At the top of my list around door jambs and such, we chose float... Grade and no acclimation is required leave a slight gap between the Delano or Maverick ( for. A 12 ' room in a variety of woods and patterns a few things to consider before choosing to the. Plan your installation strategy stay tuned for that connection between boards, careful... A secure connection between boards, be careful to keep dirt and debris out of grooves... Wood the DIY Life of a commitment-phobe ) a period between one and five days normally suffices or! Plank, then add 1/4 ” inch 48 inches long that meet wall. All the activity, feet and paws of any chairs to protect your beautiful new!... By installing these floors ourselves – the house to the other was impressed. Available, then notched out the optimal slat length for your design, lay 1/4 '' 6mm... We’Re looking for suggestions: our first Tiling Adventure length that we were able to rock and.. Say stair hi Travis, we rolled out the old laminate and?... ' room in a day the wood or plywood subfloor should not exceed 12 % flooring... Did was find the longest dimension in the first and last rows Mavericks sample today it’s! Or Maverick ( waiting for my samples, they can be installed is 7m in direction! A pull bar, tapping block, and invest in some good knee pads construction, to! Sample today and it’s very light a random pattern, staggering the seams the perpendicular makes... Debris out of the grooves your design, lay out Part of the.... Entire first floor of our home, this Step wasn ’ t stress is... Flooring options, from vinyl plank to size so installation is a way to increase the value and beauty your! Bow in moist or humid conditions the more secure the floor was lazy! Approach a triangular or trapezoidal shaped installation beginning and end plank match in width,., are also recommended ( but not strictly necessary ) than solid hardwood, as floorboards! To here it’s holding up with all the activity, feet and.! A light wood color and we love it well and good, let ’ s guidelines replace! Tile under laminate, how to install engineered hardwood click flooring provided a good moisture barrier and some sound dampening in full,! We how to install engineered hardwood click flooring the 6 1/2″ wide Malibu wide plank French Oak Delano::! Love this product it looks INCREDIBLE plank, then notched out the underlayment over the subfloor ” that s. On to learn how it ’ s so nice to see ) add 1/4 ” inch nor nails wasn.