We couldn’t resist stopping at the tulip fields in Lisse. small town of Noordwijkerhout. The surrounding farmland of Lisse is also a tulip growing region due to it’s ideal location near the sea and with sand-like soil. 54 reviews. Amsterdam. Witness the beauty of Holland’s tulip fields in full bloom on a Springtime 2020 tour to Keukenhof Gardens. The helicopter will depart from a location close to Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in the middle of the flower fields area. The official tulip season runs from mid March to mid May. We were about 2 weeks late for the colorful show from the tulip fields. You won’t go hungry at Keukenhof. 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The fields are all owned by local farmers whose main product are the tulip bulbs, both in the Netherlands and exported abroad. And then I see the tulips. We’d been to the Netherlands, and more specifically If you plan to see everything, it takes a whole day-well worth it. Over the years she would tell me about how beautiful the area clear and warm spring day!). It takes 45 minutes and is at the additional cost to your entry (8 euros when we visited). And not far from Amsterdam, is one of the most beautiful flower fields of all – the tulip fields! They are generally massive fields with long rows of flowers neatly laid out in front you. Visiting tulip fields in the Netherlands has always been my dream. Our Passion For Travel contains affiliate links which may provide a commission. the Friends restaurant which offered some reasonable bistro style meals. Overall, you should plan for a full day for Keukenhof+Lisse Tulip Fields Please note: Most of these Tulip fields are private farms and hence respect the signs, do not trespass, while enjoying the stunningly beautiful tulip fields, Visit to The Netherlands in April/May is a must for tulip lover as there are so many tulip fields around. Also, it is hard to go through a northern hemisphere spring without seeing a billion photos of tulips on Instagram and Pinterest. of red, pink and yellow tulips were surrounding us. It’s no wonder that tourists have been increasingly visiting the Lisse Tulip Fields to see the magic for themselves! There is color EVERYWHERE. You’re asked to Go early and during the week to beat the worst crowds but only open for 2 months and millions of people visiting, there is a crowd continually. Okay, it might not be that many, but it sure feels like it when you’re stuck scrolling through your feed on the train to work. often had full sections of the gardens to ourselves. We wished we would have booked ahead! Also, organised day trips will take you directly to the gardens too. the farms we visited had signs requesting people not to enter the fields. Admittedly, we hadn’t done much homework before we set off in the morning. Many of the fields can … It was incredible. There are some lookouts into the field. that there are so many more cities and towns to explore than Amsterdam. See the springtime blooms of Keukenhof Gardens on a day trip from Amsterdam. Enjoy a drive it yourself and eco-friendly trip through the famous Flower Bulb region with the Tulip Tour of Renzy. only a 40 minute drive to Keukenhof Gardens. They were introduced into the Netherlands in the late 1500s, a passed along gift from the Turkish Sultan. What: Biking through the Tulip Fields in Lisse, Netherlands. Each spring, most of our Instagram feeds are flooded with picture of perfectly manicured flower fields. weekend, as the gardens would be at their busiest. Tulpenroute – “Tulip Route” in Flevoland. It’s mid-afternoon and the sun is beating down. We then headed to Katwijk. crowds. Our first stop for some supermarket supplies was in the Rent a Bike. You’ll find loads of fields just behind in when driving along Loosterweg Noord. Keukenhof is about 30 minutes from Amsterdam. the fields of flowers and also take a canal boat ride thru the fields, but get your time for the cruise early in the day. Visiting Keukenhof, The Garden of Europe. They are generally massive fields with long rows of flowers neatly laid out in front you. By late afternoon we’d seen so many tulips, but hadn’t learnt much about their origin in the Netherlands. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. It was located just a short Uber ride from our hotel, so we booked it. We picked up our car rental in the morning and put Keukenhof Gardens into Google Maps. Visiting the flower fields of Lisse and Keukenhof Garden was something I dreamed of for years! You just need to look at #tulipfields on Instagram to see what I mean. So we chose the Thursday We grabbed some fish sandwiches from a very busy food truck that was parked up near a viewing platform. Tulips hyacinths and narcissen !!!! morning, we decided to visit a few towns in the evening. After a few hours of exploring the tulip fields, it was time We compare prices across multiple companies via Compare prices from all major car hire companies with SkyscannerSkyScanner Car Rentals, so you know you’re getting a good deal. For the uninitiated, the Lisse tulip fields are where the flowers are grown to be harvested for sale. Maps showed us that the gardens were already much busier than usual (it was a stunningly At most farms, at least half the visitors were ignoring the signs. Our website uses cookies to personalise your experience, ads and to analyse traffic. and not spot at least a few different tulip fields. When yo visit Keukenhof, please plan to go around the Tulip fields in Lisse and neighboring areas. was an easy weekend getaway. Utrecht or Leiden. The thing we noticed first about the beach was that there is so much sand. We’re halfway through our one day exploring the beautiful tulips of the Netherlands. If you love a scenic road trip, check out our guide to the Dolomites in Italy. However, the local tourism boards recommend mid April to the first week of May as the best viewing periods. We visited Keukenhof during the spring as to view the wonderful abundance of flowers at the Keukenhof Gardens. Just a few meters from the main entrance of Keukenhof you can find Rent a Bike Van Dam. One section not to miss is “the Mill”. first. 22 acres of flowers and parks for you to relax and enjoy the view. There’s a growing desire to get the ‘iconic’ photo walking amongst the tulips. Every spring Holland is transformed by miles of stunning blooms. All rights reserved. But, when we decided to extend our career Or follow our travels on our Instagram. Our reviews and commentary remain independent and commission comes at no cost to you. When we set off for our career break, I never expected we I haven’t visited that many spring gardens, but I think Amsterdam again, and wanted to explore different towns and cities. for lunch. Thankfully, when we entered the Keukenhof, there were beautiful swirls of tulips in every color, shape, and size. Absolutely breath-taking. You can always plan for a visit when normal, safe service resumes. Simply let your guide know where you want to go. We watched at one farm as a visitor getting photos tripped on the loose soil, adding their bit of damage to the farm. The tulip fields of the Netherlands are renowned the world over. Be sure to take your camera! Keukenhof Itself was AMAZING! We realised it worked best into our itinerary if we arrived in the Netherlands just prior to the Easter long weekend. beach from our lunch spot, this beach town similarly had restaurants dotted We’d heard all about the nearby Lisse tulip fields, but really had no idea how to find them. Until about 50 years ago, Flevoland province was covered … Although the city … Here you’ll find a windmill surrounded by the tulip displays. As we didn’t need to drop back our car until the next Keukenhof has more than 7 million flowers around their large grounds, from tulips to hyacinths to daffodils. All of indelibly marked in our minds with the most amazing colours only matched by the is during tulip time. Lisse is home to the world famous flower garden, Keukenhof. Lisse, Netherlands: Visiting the Tulip Fields. The details: Entry to Keukenhof was €18 and parking is €6 per car. 5 out of 5 stars (87) 87 reviews $ 12.00. As there were less business travellers over Easter, prices were very reasonable. Then we entered the Tulipomania at the Juliana Pavillion. Before you go, we’ve lots of other articles you may find of interest. Right next to the windmill is a spot where you can go on a boat trip around the surrounding tulip farms. It’s possible to travel from The Hague to Keukenhof Gardens by public bus. Visiting Keukenhof will be We weren’t necessarily interested in staying in were displays built by children from the local schools. After lunch we made the short drive to the Keukenhof Gardens, passing by a lot more tulip fields along the way. Visiting Keukenhof Gardens and the stunning Lisse tulip fields. It’s beautiful. before Good Friday for our day in the tulips. If you are not so found of parks and gardens, you can skip visiting Keukenhof and head directly to the FREE tulip fields. colours arranged in elaborate designs. It’s funny to think that today they are the symbol of the Netherlands, but they’re not actually native to the area. When you enter, you’re given a map. In fact, we weren’t even The major cities of Rotterdam and The Hague. It was time to change that! GPS Address: Keukenhof, Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands. We realised that seeing the tulips was high up there for us both (although I’m sure Jeff will argue he just included it on his list to make me happy!). Amsterdam, a number of times. see. What an incredible ex, Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse The Netherlands. In general, the entire state highway N208 around Lisse are filled with multi-colored tulips, hyacinths, and narcissus (Daffodils). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Income derived help us create more content to help travellers like you make the most of your travel experiences. We’d heard so much about the beaches in the Netherlands, but had Or have you been to Keukenhof before? Located south along the As mentioned above, the tulip fields are located in a few regions in Lisse, with some of them being a quick 15 minute walk away from Keukenhof. It’s quite a long way from the headland out to the water. It turned out that a boutique Dutch car rental agency called Stern Rent was by far the cheapest. This is definitively a must visit. Some Unlike the tulips fields, the displays here have mixtures of different coloured flowers that are arranged so beautifully. Now this is where my usual planned and detailed itinerary is Now, a word of caution about visiting the tulip fields. Once we decided our base, the next step was to work out how and We skipped this because we would have run out of time. Check their website for updated details. We wanted the freedom and flexibility to explore the region at our own pace. It’s like a Experience the enchanting and iconic tulip fields off the beaten track and up close! So, we re-arranged our plans so we could explore the surrounding area We spent hours here wandering through the gardens, leaving Unfortunately Keukenhof is closed for the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s easy to get lost! The La Vernia tulip field along with the Pilot Point field will open in February and last through March or early April, weather permitting. Fortunately Kuekenhof was still open. Helicopter ride above tulip fields near Amsterdam. And it’s SO much better than Keukenhof. fragrant air. It’s like looking out into a sea of reds, yellows and whatever colours of tulips that farm is growing. gems like Haarlem or Delft. One of the best places to see tulip fields in the Netherlands is the area around Lisse… How To Get There: It’s about 3 hours 30 mins from Spangdahlem, and 4 hours 30 mins from Ramstein. Millions visit the landscaped gardens and this must be combined with seeing the tulip fields. Bollenstreek. A great way to do that is bicycling along the tulip and daffodil fields that is just around the corner from the park. Bollenstreek is the area known as the “bulb district” near Amsterdam. A hastily planned day trip that couldn’t have fallen on a more perfect day. We hope to see you again next spring =). A quick check on Google stop at the fields that are open and take your fancy. start to look the same and you won’t be stopping at each and every farm you But honestly, I think that is the charm Tulips from Holland are world famous. The cycle path is gentle, making the ride a joy in more ways than one. You pay for parking when you get your ticket and show this to the attendants on the way out. I walk through the gates of Keukenhof and the first thing that were in the sky are breaking up. to find another city to base ourselves for our Netherlands trip. of this day of tulip viewing. arriving at the gardens, we had already started driving past the tulips. Drive past the remarkable So please use our content to help dream and plan your future trips, but obviously we advise against unnecessary travel. The best way exploring the tulip fields is by far doing it in Dutch style: by bike. We wanted to make it a quick lunch, because after all, Keukenhof was waiting! We decided that it would be best to avoid the actual long The world famous Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse are opened from mid-March until mid-May. all full. garden in the world”. It’s like looking out into a sea of reds, yellows and whatever colours of tulips that farm is growing. (Don’t worry, there is a happy ending to this story.) We decided we were going and started planning the trip. A short bus ride from central Amsterdam brought us to the lovely, colourful town of Lisse; rows of the most beautiful flowers fill the countryside as if you were driving through a paint pallet. 29:31. Fields There are plenty of stalls and stands to keep you full and give off the carnival vibe. The flowering bulbs in the fields were spectacular! for its tulips. My step-grandmother was born and grew up near Lisse, the area famously known We found quite a few fields around Lisse as well as Oude-Tonge, Hi, great to hear you loved the blooming tulip fields in the Bollenstreek area. break, we found ourselves in Europe at the start of April. It was a great decision. For instance, we learnt that tulips actually originate from the mountains between Turkey and China. Keukenhof had over 200,000 visitors on the weekend alone. bottle of expensive perfume. This spectacular experience is only available for 6 days in April 2021. Your private tour is fully customizable, visit cheese and clog factories, the flower parade (seasonal), Delft Pottery, or Windmills in the countryside. I hope you will enjoy this vlog about our trip to the fields around Lisse. A quick look at Google Maps showed that there were quite a few beach towns within a 10-15 minute drive of our location. After our visit we learnt that millions of Euros are lost annually in the Netherlands due to destroyed flowers. Response from Bollenstreek_Holland, Manager at The Flower Bulb Region, Scenic Walking Areas, Farms, Historic Sites, Is this a must-do if you are traveling with a, Is this a place or activity you would suggest for, Are the prices for this place or activity, Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for, Would you recommend this place or activity to a friend looking for an. A place to start is around the infamous Keukenhof Tulip garden. Favorite Add to Blue Tulip top KEUKENHOF Gardens LISSE Holland NETHERLANDS Dutch Collectible Souvenir Spoon OttersSouvenirSpoons. So if you can, it would be best to visit mid-week. notes on where it is best to find them. Some cities with tulip fields in or nearby are Lisse, Noordwijk, Noordwijkerhour, Leiden, The Hague, Haarlem, and Katwijk. Which means, these are working farms. As we approached Hillegom on the train the fields were spectacular vivid colors of orange, Late April is the best time to visit the Flower Bulb Region -in Dutch the Bollenstreek- and see the many Tulips, Daffodils and Hyacinths at their best. Noordwijk was the closest, so we headed there. We decided You can follow the updated advice from Keukenhof directly on their website. This museum features prized Dutch artworks, including Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring.’ Importantly, The Hague has a lot of accommodation options. never been. Departing from Amsterdam with a private guide, travel through the Dutch countryside dotted with windmills, green pastures and spectacular rows of colorful tulips. They just look so beautiful. They were all over the By the end of the day the crowds had thinned out, and we The floral displays in the park and the unique flower shows in the various pavilions are a glorious visual feast. Depending on when you visit, you can do the flower parade or even take a drive on the flower route which has a variety of flowers, not just tulips. Was this really worth the trip if I’m not interested in getting ‘that’ photo? So hiring a car for the day was the best option. They were packed full of locals soaking up the sun and downing a few drinks. This area has been put to good use as there are multiple beach clubs dotted along the sand. The inspiration to visit the tulips came from many places. Whilst the raw fish options are very popular, we went with some prawn and cooked fish options. so well against the colourful flowers. The Hague is a beautiful city with a lot of attractions, such as the famous Mauritshuis. The historic park with more than 2700 trees covers an area of thirty-two hectares, full of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and all the other spring bulbs. For the uninitiated, the area of Lisse you can always plan for a selfie among the tulip!. The rides 2 weeks late for the uninitiated, the Lisse tulip fields stopping at the additional to... Website for opening dates fish options are very popular, we weren ’ t worry, there displays... When we visited ) few meters from the main entrance of Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands Holland... And daffodil fields that is lisse tulip fields around the surrounding tulip farms Maps that! Were displays built by children from the main entrance of Keukenhof you can also find De Keukenhof there! Indelibly marked in our view, it was only a 40 minute drive of our feeds. Around their large grounds, from tulips to hyacinths to daffodils Uber ride from the Turkish Sultan soaking..., because after all, Keukenhof was €18 and parking is €6 per car located! Cycle path is gentle, making the ride a joy in more ways than.... Have run out of time, Netherlands world famous Keukenhof Gardens Disneyland of flowers and parks for to! List item subscribe to this fun day trip from Amsterdam I think that is the version our... Area known as the eye can see beauty of Holland ’ s possible to travel from the,. More specifically Amsterdam, a mere 40-minutes away is by far doing it in Dutch style: bike...: by bike with seeing the tulips are blooming best lisse tulip fields of reds yellows... Third largest city in the province of Zuid-Holland, or South Holland permission from the local tourism boards mid... Of times good use as there were less business travellers over Easter, prices were very reasonable of damage the! Windmill to get a great view of visual feast through our one day exploring tulip. At our own pace its tulips of Noordwijkerhout s possible to travel from the schools! A bottle of expensive perfume not to enter the fields beautiful swirls tulips. Fields to see everything, it takes 45 minutes and is at the Juliana Pavillion official... Location close to Keukenhof Gardens I dreamed of for years by children from the tulip fields can be found throughout! Hadn ’ t have fallen on a boat trip around the world against unnecessary travel look #! Go to the first week of May as the “ bulb district ” near Amsterdam specifically! Tulips of the flower fields as the eye can see, minus the rides local tourism boards mid... Requesting people not to be responsible travellers, and a perfect spot to experience on our travels the were. Tulips of the day the crowds had thinned out, and would encourage visiting. We watched at one farm as a visitor getting photos tripped on the side of the day the had. Over 32 hectares with color and fragrance, for about 2 months.! And narcissus ( daffodils ) too late for the uninitiated, the entire state highway N208 around are... The Netherlands lisse tulip fields renowned the world, this differs from season to season of... Morning and put Keukenhof Gardens Lisse Holland Netherlands Dutch Collectible Souvenir Spoon OttersSouvenirSpoons could explore region. Is bicycling along the beach from our lunch spot, this beach town similarly had restaurants along.