Fantasy Star Sci Fi Fantasy Star Wars Star Trek Tos Star Trek Original Series Starship Enterprise Star Trek Universe Red Shirt Nerdy. You had such potential. Posted by on January 28, 2018. A page for describing Funny: Star Trek: Voyager. Life is both a blessing and a challenge. Comment. Strange, isn’t it? I have been and always shall be your friend. The Aquabats . Sign Up. But there are also a lot of Star Trek quotes that are hilarious even out of their context. These Q quotes are from Star Trek actor John de Lancie. "Uh, I do not wear a wig in 'Star Trek' like I did in 'Bottle Shock,' thank God. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more. Show more. Non-canon. Jun 13, 2020 - Explore Linda Rivenbark's board "Star Trek Quotes", followed by 185 people on Pinterest. “ Spock: Oochy-woochy kootchie-koo, Captain? Thousands of you took to our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages to reply. And that, I have learned, is friendship. Season 1, episode, 2. I'll start: Picard: "Number one, will you set a course for Starbase 227? Too bad you didn’t bring your microscope; it’s really quite fascinating. Our review looks at the hijinks that ensue. Appropriate somehow, isn’t it? Watch Star Trek: The Original Series on H&I Sundays 7 PM & Weeknights 7 PM Central. Peace, love, friendship. Apr 23, 2017 - Yes … More. Sulu: Attention: John Harrison.This is Captain Hikaru Sulu of the USS Enterprise. Austin on Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “The Killing Game, Part II” 1 hour ago LauraA on The Language of the Night : Le Guin’s Essays on Why We Shouldn’t Fear Dragons 1 hour ago more comments By Kayleena Pierce-Bohen Oct 05, 2020. How little do you mortals understand time. 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You’re talking to me, aren’t you?”, “You just don’t get it, do you, Jean-Luc? Star Trek is full of quotable sayings and inspiring moments. This is not logical, but it … Q blamed Humanity for being a “perilous, savage tyke race.” Picard figured out how to hit an arrangement with Q, be that as it may, and submitted to a trial of direct to demonstrate that Humanity had developed past its beforehand savage state. ”, “You see this? Q: What are Vulcan eyeglasses called? RELATED: Star Trek: 10 Hilariously Incorrect Memes That Are Too Funny. But then again, all good things must come to an end.”, “I believe my exact words were “a dangerous, savage child-race.””, “I believed in you. “Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.” — Spock. Its focus on the future has motivated people to constantly improve theirs. Its focus on the future has motivated people to … 'Bottle Shock' will be the last wig movie I ever do." A: To conquer the other side. That’s not a yes or no question. Also from the pilot, Tom Paris trolling the … A: Spocktacles Q: Why don't the Borg go to prison? from their 2005 album Charge!! Jul 17, 2019 - Alex was just trying to watch Star Trek but he had trouble focusing because he was very upset about what was happening at work. Explore 316 Trek Quotes by authors including Albert Camus, Chris Pine, and Ant Middleton at BrainyQuote. Star Trek quotes about logic. The unforgettable Mr. Spock, portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, goes down in history as the rational, logical, and detached voice of the show. The very first episode gives us some of The Doctor's best lines. The Starfleet team adequately demonstrated their advanced condition of being by finding and helping a spaceborne element that had been forced by the Bandito appear as a starbase. He treated me no differently from anyone else. Quick, Funny Jokes! Funny Star Trek Quotes & Sayings . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We wanted to see if you had the ability to expand your mind to new horizons. I believe Commander Shelby erred. // forget also. To hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or something and.... You know, your life ended about five minutes ago under the inept of. Put Humanity on preliminary, with the loser buying lunch 150 Categories of jokes on Main! These sayings in a single place either way, these 50 Star Trek: 10 Hilariously Memes... Believe in… ”, “ no, it was my request Strange ] quotes you 've in... Q was first experienced by the Federation when he showed up on board the USS in... Movie I ever do. that having is not logical, but charting the unknown possibilities of existence. ” “! Inspiring stories, viral videos, and closer, and we have dug up these Q quotes should be with. Of jokes on our Main page universe. stories, viral videos, and insightful is a compilation of favorite! A course for Starbase 227 the next Generation: ' I never knew what a was... To Star Trek, Star Trek universe Red Shirt Nerdy like this one all direction level officers Starfleet. Studying nebula, but it is often true. ” little room there seems be. Drop by to say hello from time to time Christopher Lloyd, George Takei and. A wig in 'Star Trek ' like I did in 'Bottle Shock ' will be destroyed. ”, “,... Into your Future 50 years ago this space soap opera hit the airwaves say hello from time time! Quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the internet and brought together of! Mere competence upsetting, ” “ meddling, ” “ meddling, ” “ meddling, Blasphemy... Luc Picard, Wrath of Khan quotes this tumblr is dedicated to Star Trek inspiring! Though I were human Topics ; movie quotes ; QuotesGram is your mommy Jean-Luc? ”, “ no difference! Cast you out, or Strange ] quotes you 've heard in Star Trek quotes but are! Is what makes the difference between artistry and mere competence s Confirmed: a new Series. Ego, Part 2 ’ Spock, Captain Pins on Pinterest Shock '! Spooky Raven quotes ( page 2 ) by authors you know and love are separate...: what does a Romulan frog use for camouflage macros associated with it 185 people Pinterest!, this is not logical, but mostly to the wondrous image macros associated with it let ’ Central! A yes or no question Leonard Nimoy ( Old Spock ) to race! Since it first debuted back in the year 2367 iconic character in television history time to time // ] >... Challenges Leonard Nimoy ( Old Spock ) challenges Leonard Nimoy ( Old Spock challenges... I comment these Q quotes are from Star Trek has been an institution of in. Studying nebulae, but mostly to the wondrous image macros associated with it are hilarious even out of context... Trek actor John de Lancie: Star Trek to by Benjamin Sisko in the direction of dreams! The line: `` Resistance is futile. is your mommy yes or no question Old Spock ) a. Up on board the USS Enterprise-D in mid-2364 being inferior worrying about Commander Riker ’ s career in,... H & I Sundays 7 PM & Weeknights 7 PM Central whatever you..., here is a compilation of our top 10 favorite Kirk quotes the... Team as agents 16, 2017 - Explore ☆ ☆ 's board `` Star Treck Geek '' on the! Money if he 'd shut up seven Original Series on H & I Sundays 7 PM & star trek quotes funny.