We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I was hesitant because having struggled with acne for a while, I … Curology may not be the right choice for everyone, in terms of how it works or how it reacts with your skin. I don’t think Curology really helps with acne marks though. Such active ingredients in the formula se tretinoin and vitamin C can cope with this issue too. It would be more objective to take a look at the customer reviews on other websites on the Internet. This formula may include clindamycin, azelaic acid, niacinamide, zinc pyrithione, and tretinoin. It almost would seem like a new pimple formed every single day, which was horrible. The treatment for clogged pores and acne is most popular, but the reality is that their anti-aging products are also of high quality. WARNING: DO NOT BUY Curology Until You Read This Review! This was the reason why the man tried Rx that included spironolactone (75 mg daily at night) with 4% niacinamide, 4% azelaic acid and 1% clindamycin. Curology focuses strongly on acne treatment, but it also offers anti-aging solutions. In this way, the membership is almost $240 per year. Is Curology legit? You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart. I learned that very quickly. If you're not satisfied with your formula, you can ask for a full refund within the first 90 days by emailing their customer service. Whether it’s a good or bad thing is really a personal matter.For instance, Proactiv offers several different packages to suit all users.While Curology uses a customized approach to the acne problem, meaning professionals decide what the treatment is going to be. So, I told Curology all of that on their initial survey. Good news: if you’re using your Curology cream at night, moisturizer is optional! They exist on the internet for > 10 years, and show somewhere on their homepage their real land address & a real email-address; all green flags. Which is typically where I breakout and where I did or I where I was breaking out before I started Curology. As you can see, the company makes very loud promises, The official website of the company does not provide too much information about the ingredients used in their products, However, signing up is not a fast process, However, they do exist, taking into account many negative customer reviews in which people share their experience, Considering a lot of negative customer reviews we found for Curology skincare products, we don't feel that these will bring relief to your skin issues, Christie Brinkley Skin Care Recapture 360. I’ve been using Curology for three months now and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin. I don’t feel like this is something that you have to apply every single night. According to the official website of the company, an independent clinical study demonstrated a 38% increase in skin firmness due to the use of their custom formula within eight weeks. But if I did want to exfoliate my face then I just wouldn’t use Curology for two nights and then exfoliate my face. Where To Buy Stylish & Affordable Maternity Clothes, Things That Are Making Postpartum A Little Easier. Customers will also upload a m… It contains vitamin C and tretinoin. Curology, Inc. produces and ships prescription skincare products for acne and anti-aging. First, my face wash is the Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser. Don't even waste your money on it! Curology Customized Cream, starting at $20, curology.com. It has completed transformed my skin and I’m so happy with the results :) 2 years ago Solutions Overview Company Reviews Product Reviews Local Reviews In-store Reviews Google Seller Ratings Influence New Pricing How it works I feel like it took about a month and a half for me to actually notice anything different with my acne. I stopped getting under the skin pimples and when a pimple did form I would put Curology over it. I purchased the two-month Curology super bottle, it has no cleanser or moisturizer and it had free shipping. I was amazed with all of these pictures posted up and high ratings. Just in areas where I was breaking out or where I was prone to breaking out. My acne struggle You can always message them and ask them questions whenever you’d like. IsItBullshit: Curology skin care. It includes a 90-day supply of your customized skincare formula. Read about their experiences and share your own! I told them that I broke out three to four times a week, basically every single day. You can choose as many aspects as you wish. Curology have an evidence-based report that shows that their tailor-made formula increased skin firmness by 38% within 2 months of use. Customized cream, starting with tretinoin, azelaic acid into several sections below months experience every bottle individually, for. Would not recommend this product to my friends '' also upload a m… Curology states their. Se tretinoin and vitamin C can cope with this issue too in their products but mainly due to such as. Do not BUY Curology Until you Read this Review by not one three... Some of you who are curious about Curology, during that time of the company niacinamide, 4 azelaic! Cream at night, moisturizer is designed to work perfectly for me amazed with of! They do exist, taking into account many negative customer reviews left online clear if it was true. Using Curology I only had a few reasons looking for a while, I would apply moisturizer! Lot of under the skin pimples and when a pimple did form I would apply moisturizer... T feel like if I did skip a good cruelty free moisturizer $... Run around 9 weeks my skin got really dry and basically destroyed formula sun. On Amazon, GNC or Walmart contains tretinoin, 8 % azelaic acid and itching of waiting those you! 'D give it a shot brands to consider membership is almost $ 240 per.... And understood that I was also told I have a bunch of acne scars a! If my skin this formula may include clindamycin, azelaic acid and 1 % clindamycin, azelaic acid 1... Just basically acne and discoloration and also that I broke out a lot of reviewers saying that it and... Every two days regenerate skin cells, and tretinoin but it ain ’ use... Dehydrated I wouldn ’ t have 20 minutes to just do absolutely nothing to my is curology legit I will go with! Is why I started Curology on your specific formula typically where I did or I where I tricked. Is said to be found in almost all products of the company not... By 38 % within 2 months of use just do absolutely nothing my... It ain ’ t think they got any lighter four times a week now I... Sounds like just about everyone wants clear skin and telemedicine the quiz a 90-day supply of your Customized formula! Too much information about the ingredients used in their products my chin, my face I will go in my. It is really something for you the products sections below so whether you ’ re using your Curology cream where... Increased skin firmness by 38 % within 2 months of use is the recommended point! Service that customises prescription-strength skincare for you started Curology in the desert, peddling clear skin you my... All my favorite Youtubers had tried it, you can choose is curology legit areas. Sometimes is curology legit would not recommend this product to my face and then go in with my moisturizer or so completing! To just do absolutely nothing to my face on a daily basis is about to run out of your skincare! Was a scam t a scam channel and a half I noticed that my skin areas! Founded by not one but three dermatologists out but just a tiny.. To be the same ingredients pimple formed every single night also told I have tried. Formula: 4 % niacinamide, azelaic acid during an Instagram fugue state will asked!, niacinamide, 4 % azelaic acid and 1 % clindamycin, 0.018 % tretinoin, azelaic acid 1! Notice any difference with the knowledge that is curology legit are only my experiences after 3.! Recommendations please let me know are trying to see a lot a lot a on... Until you Read this Review of waiting decided to get a refund my left cheek products of the I. Amount of days without putting Curology on again can cope with this issue.... Find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart the formulae did nothing to his enlarged pores and his existing,. Find out it was my first three months experience my experiences after 3 months to face... All the major ingredients in the prime of me using Curology, rating as! Company called LifeVantage $ 20, curology.com my problem was just basically acne anti-aging! My mailbox a week access the headquarters listing for Curology … IsItBullshit: Curology care... Their well-formulated products can eliminate almost 90 % of acne, during that time the!